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Super 1 Days - 2017

May 13th, 2017

Lighting and Light Patterns for CPP and Beyond

Lighting and Light Patterns for CPP and Beyond

You’ve passed the CPP Exam, and now you’re working on your Image Submission portfolio. Or maybe you’re not, because you’re thinking “I just can’t get that shadow just right for my Short Light and Broad light compulsories?” Or, confused about that “Selective Focus with minimal depth of field?” Ratios, 3:1 vs 8:1, oh just shoot me now! It seems like this is the point where FUD sets in! What’s FUD? It’s Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt; it seems to always creep in. Or, maybe you haven’t yet started your CPP journey. Maybe you think the Image Submission part is just too daunting. There’s that FUD again!

Relax, take a deep breath. Really - you can do this! You probably just need a little direction, coaching, or maybe just some help and there. This class is for you. But beware, this isn’t a “sit back” and watch class; there’s a lot of work, and you’ll be doing it. So be prepared.

First, we will review and understand the various light patterns, and light placements - and concentrate on the ones you’ll need for your submission. We’ll discuss what goes where and why. Next, we will get in the studio and nail down Short and Broad light and Selective Focus with minimal depth of Field. Time permitting, we’ll set up for High and Low key as well as color harmony. There you go! You’ve nailed down your compulsories. The only thing left to do is to go back to “your” studio or location and repeat what you’ve learned to create your compulsories and your client images. BAM! You’re set to submit.

Of course, we can’t guarantee your portfolio will pass! That's up to you and what you submit to the judges. But we can set you on a good path towards a successful Image Portfolio submission. Remember, you’ll have to create your images on your own. Images created during class are ineligible for your submission. But that doesn’t mean you are entirely alone or on your own - you’ll have a couple of coaches you can run your images past for feedback before submission.

The studio space is limited, but the personal attention isn’t - don’t delay in signing up!

Join us May 13th, 2017 at 10:00a for a full day of learning. Register starting March 2nd, at

October 16th, 2016

Developing Merit Worthy Photoshop Skills

Developing Merit Worthy Photoshop Skills

Are you serious about your work? Print Competition is hands-down the best way to grow and improve your craft. Success in Print Competition depends not only on great photography skills, but great finishing or post processing skills as well. That is more often than not, using our friend Adobe Photoshop.

Once you've received your first Merit or better yet, Loan, nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than knowing you were the one putting the finishing and finishing touches on your own work.

We will begin the class with an explanation of the various levels of print competition, local, state, district and IPC. We will talk about degrees and how to work towards them. In the afternoon we will establish a base line in Photoshop so all attendees can follow along regardless of their skill level. We will then proceed to share techniques and tips to solve competition and every day challenges. Attendees will learn how to convert repetitive moves or techniques into repeatable actions or moves that can be used anytime they are needed. The day finishes up with critiques of your work. Here you will learn even more from critiques of your work and critiques of the work of the other class members.

Join us and learn Merit Worthy Photoshop Skills – of course, we can't guarantee merits scores, but we can set you on a path towards higher scores.

Join us May 14th, 2017 at 10:00a for a full day of learning. Register starting March 2nd, at

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